[Self-interest] Self implementations

Russell Allen mail at russell-allen.com
Fri May 20 01:12:51 UTC 2022

Why don't I start a new repo on GitHub as a place to keep historical
Self versions and implementations - ie not for currently developed stuff
but for old abandoned stuff like Self 3.0, Marvin, any of your old stuff
you want to add etc


On May 20 2022, at 12:39 am, Jecel Assumpcao Jr <jecel at merlintec.com> wrote:

> Russell,
>> There is a place on GitHub for a Self wiki:
>> https://github.com/russellallen/self/wiki
>> People can add implementations there.
> Great idea! Seeing the list of projects reminded me that my own projects
> only ran on older versions of Self. It would be nice to update them to
> fix this.
>> Wasn't there another Self in Java at one point?
>> dSelf or something like that?
> Indeed, and searching for that found it mentioned on one of my own pages
> :-)
> http://merlintec.com/swiki/Self/2.html
> dSelf is described in the paper "dSelf - A Distributed SELF" by Robert
> Tolksdorf and Kai Knubben from 2001:
> https://www.researchgate.net/publication/2483815_dSelf_-_A_Distributed_SELF
> A quick search didn't turn up anything about OpenSelf. The mailing list
> archives might have something about that.
> Marvin, announced in 2005, was supposed to be a Self implemented in
> Squeak by Pavel Krivanek, but I can't find anything about it beyond its
> SqueakMap page:
> http://map.squeak.org/package/378a5744-80f7-4e9c-a0b8-ef5f4720571a
>> One interesting thing about both zigself and PySelf (for want of a name
>> :) is that they both seek to define a small subset of the Self
>> distribution as a core - booleans, collections, strings, etc.  
> Early versions of Self were basically just the core stuff. Unfortunately
> the earliest copy I have on my machine is Self 3.0 which already had 185
> .sm files (Self module, I suppose?). I do have Self 1.1 but in a tape
> that I can't read.
> -- Jecel
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