[Self-interest] VM error

Maha Alvi maha.alvi at protonmail.com
Sat May 8 02:52:54 UTC 2021

I turned off swap and took out 12GB, leaving 4GB, the minimum I can have in my system, but still getting the same message.

Selected "2" to "print the Self stack". Here's the output:

C frame 0xff98fd48  (retPC 0x81c7510)
C frame 0xff98fd88  (retPC 0x81c72c0)
C frame 0xff98fea8  (retPC 0x8198764)
C frame 0xff98feb8  (retPC 0x81c80b9)
C frame 0xff98fec8  (retPC 0x81c7fb8)
C frame 0xff98fee8  (retPC 0x814b95f)
C frame 0xff98ff08  (retPC 0x815bef2)
C frame 0xff98fff8  (retPC 0x815be4e)
C frame 0xff990028  (retPC 0x8162de4)
C frame 0xff990058  (retPC 0x81c6c17)
C frame 0xff990068  (retPC 0x81e4db9)
C frame 0xff990078  (retPC 0xf78dfee5)

I don't see any .snapshot files, but there are three .snap files:


Hopefully this gives some clues about how to move forward! :)

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On Friday, 7 May 2021 19:42, Jecel Assumpcao Jr <jecel at merlintec.com> wrote:

> Maha Alvi ,
> > I downloaded Self to learn. I'm getting the message below when I type:
> > ./Self
> > Output:Self VM fatal error (/opt/self/vm/src/any/memory/generation.cpp, line 307): Couldn't allocate initial old space -- not enough swap space?
> > VM Version: 2017.1.13, Tue 16 May 17 00:45:42 Linux i386 (4.5.0-205-gd942ba2-dirty)
> > Is this the right place to ask for help? I have 16GB RAM and 20GB swap.
> This is exactly the right place to ask. I don't know the answer myself,
> but hope someone else will have seen this before. In my experience when
> some software complains about not having enough memory it sometimes is
> because you actually have more than it expected and it got a negative
> value when calculating how much space there is. I have no idea if that
> is the case here.
> > Also, in the manual, it says to type:Self -s Clean.self
> > but, I don't see Clean.self in the archive that I downloaded.
> Normally ".self" files are source texts and you used _RunScript within
> the system to load them in. The binary image files normally have
> ".snapshot" names and are what you used as the -s argument value. So I
> would expect it to be "Self -s Clean.self". Do you have any other
> .snapshot files? Any one of them should work. If not, it could be that
> you downloaded a VM-only archive.
> -- Jecel
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