[Self-interest] VM error

Jecel Assumpcao Jr jecel at merlintec.com
Fri May 7 23:42:51 UTC 2021

Maha Alvi ,

> I downloaded Self to learn. I'm getting the message below when I type:
> ./Self
> Output:Self VM fatal error (/opt/self/vm/src/any/memory/generation.cpp, line 307): Couldn't allocate initial old space -- not enough swap space?
> VM Version: 2017.1.13, Tue 16 May 17 00:45:42 Linux i386 (4.5.0-205-gd942ba2-dirty)
> Is this the right place to ask for help? I have 16GB RAM and 20GB swap.

This is exactly the right place to ask. I don't know the answer myself,
but hope someone else will have seen this before. In my experience when
some software complains about not having enough memory it sometimes is
because you actually have more than it expected and it got a negative
value when calculating how much space there is. I have no idea if that
is the case here.

> Also, in the manual, it says to type:Self -s Clean.self
> but, I don't see Clean.self in the archive that I downloaded.

Normally ".self" files are source texts and you used _RunScript within
the system to load them in. The binary image files normally have
".snapshot" names and are what you used as the -s argument value. So I
would expect it to be "Self -s Clean.self". Do you have any other
.snapshot files? Any one of them should work. If not, it could be that
you downloaded a VM-only archive.

-- Jecel

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