xcode problems installing Klein

Jecel Assumpcao Jr jecel at merlintec.com
Fri Sep 29 22:16:55 UTC 2006

This is a bit off topic, but yesterday I was trying to install Klein 0.1
into a Self 4.3 image on a Mac running MacOS X 10.4 but was unable to
follow this simple instruction:

- Use Apple's XCode to open up the klein_C_code.xcodeproj file in the
klein_C_code/xcode/klein_C_code directory.

One problem is that I have a directory with that name, not a file. Given
the "bundles" stuff in MacOS X (where a directory can mascarade as a
file some of the time) I figured that this might be normal, but trying
to open this from Xcode 2.0 has no effect at all. Inside the directory I
see three files:  project.pbxproj, ungar.mode1 and ungar.pbxuser

Clicking on the first or the third opens up Xcode but with no project
open. And trying to open these files from Xcode also has no effect. By
that I mean everything is exactly as before and there are no error
messages at all.

Since when loading Klein into Self it runs a lot of stuff and then
crashes due to the missing debugServer I didn't get very far. I am not
actually planning to run Klein but just to browse through the sources
(which I could do in any text editor loading the .self files directly,
but outliners are soooooooo much prettier!).

-- Jecel

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