[self-interest] Assignement return value

Marko Mikulicic mmikulicic at full-moon.com
Sun Sep 10 04:47:43 UTC 2000

Tripp Lilley wrote:

> Certainly. Actually, as soon as I get SSH installed on the beast (which is
> likely to be a while as I'm pretty overwhelmed),

If I could buy some time, I'll be a clochard nowadays... :-)

> I'd be glad to make
> accounts for self-interest folks who don't have access to a Sparc and are
> working on things that they can do from the CLI.

That would be fantastic!!
My interest in practically only text based :-)
Once the VM is running porting the gui is a joke, since both linux and Solaris
use X windows.

> I don't have enough
> bandwidth to push out X or VNC connections, sadly :(

I don't have it to pull in neither :-)
I'm living in a retarded country which is now having it's ISDN boom,
but the prices are prohibitive....
having 1-3 KB/s for me telnet is a nightmare :-)


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