[self-interest] Assignement return value

Tripp Lilley tripp at perspex.com
Sun Sep 10 02:35:45 UTC 2000

On Sun, 10 Sep 2000, Marko Mikulicic wrote:

> You must be  happy to have a sparc machine to play around.

Indeed. After 2+ years of writing Selfish.pm and selfish.py without it,
it's certainly nice to finally have one.

> Trying to write an implementation of Self without having it can be a
> pain in the sparc :-) 


> Thanks a lot, it helped make my head clear!

Certainly. Actually, as soon as I get SSH installed on the beast (which is
likely to be a while as I'm pretty overwhelmed), I'd be glad to make
accounts for self-interest folks who don't have access to a Sparc and are
working on things that they can do from the CLI. I don't have enough
bandwidth to push out X or VNC connections, sadly :(

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