[self-interest] i386 Port: Status

Gordon F. Cichon gordon at cichon.de
Sun Jan 9 09:36:11 UTC 2000

Hi all,

First of all: Many thanks to Thorsten Dittmar for
hosting the "Self Hacking Weekend 2000" and inviting
me to his great place in Witten. 

That's what is done so far:

1) Added a new 'Platform_linux' description with 
arch = i386
os   = unix
os_version = linux
compiler = gcc
and adapted makefiles

2) Reusing 'unix' os part

3) Cloned the 'ppc' processor specific code from
'src/ppc' to 'src/i386'. These new code will still
generate ppc code as far as possible.

4) Compiling
There is still sparc specific code in the 'src/unix'
tree, which I disabled with '#if 0' temporarily.

In progress:

5) Linking
I am sticking right now at linking:
There is quite a long list of error messages (s. separate posting)
Unfortunately, I can't find the dependency rule which links Self 
in the Makefiles. Is it a build in rule?

To be done:

6) Debugging to the VM prompt with the ppc code generator
untouched. This requires also dealing with signal handlers
and stacks again. Signals are handled quite differently in
Linux than a year ago when I used the Self 4.0 code.

7) Transplanting the i386 assembler from my Self 4.0 to
Self 4.1

8) Rewriting the code generator and assembly code stuff
to evaluate trivial Self expressions. (Like '1')

9) Complete rewriting the code generator to work with more
complex Self expressions. (Like '1 _IntAdd: 1')

10) Adapt stack walking code. This is alse necessary for
using blocks in Self.


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