[self-interest] Re: The Effort on Self

David Ungar David.Ungar at Eng.Sun.COM
Sat Jan 8 23:40:18 UTC 2000

Does anyone know how to reach Gordon & company in Germany this weekend?
There was a question about templates & I was in the car and could not
help at the time.
I tried calling back later (3:30 in CA), but no one answered the 
phone number I had.
Maybe everyone is asleep?

Anyway, I would like to help if I can.
Here are the gcc flags used on the SPARC:


     gcc -xc++ -msupersparc -Wimplicit -Wreturn-type -Wswitch -Wcomment -Wformat
-Wpointer-arith -Wbad-function-cast -Wconversion -Wstrict-prototypes 
d-virtual -fkeep-inline-functions -DGENERATE_ASSERTIONS 
incls -I../../../vm/src/any/asm -I../../../vm/src/any/fast_compiler 
m/src/any/interpreter -I../../../vm/src/any/lookup -I../../../vm/src/any/memory
-I../../../vm/src/any/objects -I../../../vm/src/any/os 
ser -I../../../vm/src/any/prims -I../../../vm/src/any/runtime 
any/sic -I../../../vm/src/any/zone -I../../../vm/src/unix/os 
nix/prims -I../../../vm/src/unix/runtime -I../../../vm/src/sparc/asm 
vm/src/sparc/fast_compiler -I../../../vm/src/sparc/lookup 
c/memory -I../../../vm/src/sparc/prims 
-I../../../vm/src/sparc/runtime -I../../.
./vm/src/sparc/sic -I../../../vm/src/sparc/zone 
-I/usr/openwin/include -I../../.
./objects/glue -g    -c ../../../vm/src/any/memory/ageTable.c ; \


gcc     -L/usr/openwin/lib      -i       -o Self asm.o disasm.o 
fields.o label.o
  nameDesc.o pcDesc.o regs.o scopeDesc.o blist.o codeGen.o fcompiler.o 
fscope.o r
egisterState.o registerString.o abstract_interpreter.o interpreter.o 
terpreter.o cacheStub.o complexLookup.o deps.o diDesc.o key.o 
sendDesc.o simpleL
ookup.o slotRef.o target.o ageTable.o enumeration.o generation.o 
mapTable.o mapV
tbls.o oopClosures.o oTable.o rSet.o search.o slotIterator.o slotList.o space.o
spaceSize.o stringTable.o universe.o universe.more.o vmStrings.o 
  blockMap.o blockOop.o byteVectorMap.o byteVectorOop.o 
codeLikeSlotsMap.o codeSl
otsMap.o fctProxyMap.o fctProxyOop.o floatMap.o floatOop.o 
foreignOop.o immediat
eMap.o map.o mapMap.o mapOop.o markMap.o markOop.o memOop.o 
mirrorMap.o mirrorOo
p.o objVectorMap.o objVectorOop.o oop.o oopsOop.o processMap.o 
processOop.o prof
ilerMap.o profilerOop.o proxyMap.o proxyOop.o slotDesc.o slotType.o 
slotsMap.o s
lotsMapDeps.o slotsOop.o smiMap.o smiOop.o stringMap.o stringOop.o 
vframeMap.o v
frameOop.o errorCodes.o itimer.o monitorWindow.o os.o 
platformWindow.o sig.o tim
er.o branchSet.o byteCodes.o expr.o kinds.o labelSet.o list.o 
parser.o positionT
able.o scanner.o send.o slot.o str.o stringUtil.o dynLink.o glue.o 
o glueDefs.o glueSupport.o miscPrims.o prim.o aCompiler.o 
allocation.o asyncMall
oc.o callgraph.o clist.o conversion.o debug.o debugPrintable.o 
eventlog.o files.
o frame.o framePieces.o frame_format.o frame_iterator.o hprofiler.o 
init.o inter
ruptedCtx.o lprintf.o machineCache.o monitor.o monitorHooks.o 
monitorPieces.o nl
rSupport.o nprofiler.o nprofiler.copygraph.o print.o process.o 
recompile.o regis
terLocator.o runtime.o selfMonitor.o shell.o stack.o table.o 
uncommonBranch.o ut
il.o vframe.o aNode.o basicBlock.o bitVector.o defUse.o inlining.o 
node.o nodeGe
n.o opcode.o preg.o regAlloc.o rscope.o sic.o sicExpr.o sicInline.o 
o sicScope.o sicSplit.o slist.o tracing.o addrDesc.o codeTable.o 
countStub.o fpr
ofiler.o ncode.o nmethod.o nmethodScopes.o nmln.o scopeDescRecorder.o 
o zone.o zoneHeap.o errorCodes_unix.o itimer_unix.o os_unix.o 
x.o sig_unix.o signalBlocker_unix.o timer_unix.o unixPrims.o 
unixPrims.glue.o xl
ibPrims.o interruptedCtx_unix.o machineCache_unix.o 
monitorHooks_unix.o monitorP
ieces_unix.o asm_sparc.o disasm_sparc.o fields_sparc.o opc_sparc.o 
  regs_sparc.o codeGen_sparc.o fcompiler_sparc.o registerState_sparc.o 
ring_sparc.o cacheStub_sparc.o diDesc_sparc.o sendDesc_sparc.o 
enum_sparc.o sear
ch_sparc.o asmPrims_sparc.o memCopyPrims_sparc.o runtime_asm_sparc.o 
parc.o conversion_sparc.o framePieces_sparc.o frame_format_sparc.o 
r_sparc.o frame_sparc.o interruptedCtx_sparc.o 
registerLocator_sparc.o runtime_s
parc.o vframe_sparc.o genHelper_sparc.o node_sparc.o 
allocZone_sparc.o addrDesc_
sparc.o countStub_sparc.o nmethod_sparc.o trapdoors_sparc.o write.o 
vmDate.o /li
b/libc.a ../../../objects/glue/svr4/xlib_glue.o 
glue.o ../../../objects/glue/svr4/termcap_glue.o 
scendental_glue.o    /usr/ucblib/libtermcap.a /usr/ucblib/libucb.a -lm -lXext
      -ldl -lX11     -lm    -lnsl     -lsocket -lnsl -lc    '

I hope you folks have gotten past this annoying bottleneck.

- Dave

     David Ungar
     Sun Microsystems Laboratories
     (650) 336-2618

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