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Brian Rice wrote:

Hi Brian:

Sorry you made no comments if you had received the file Jecel
told me he e-mailed you!

> >Dear Self-ers,
> >

What makes me really apprehensive is the fact that I must
ask for a grant to FAPESP (Foundation of Protection to
Research of São Paulo State- imagine they can afford a
project with as much as a million dollars!!!) and still  I cannot count
on any Self researcher to come to Brazil to help me to write
a tutorial that any person  such as an architect can understand!
Worse it is really important for me to have a Self version
for PC. Faculties of architecture all over the world such the
one in Berkeley are not rich to have powerful laboratories
with Macs and Suns for example.
Since 1988 I have been adapting my ecodesign model to
the state of the art in OO programming that would fit my
model best till I met  Self  in 1996 that seems to fit my needs
perfectly well.

And yet it seems I should continue working as hard as can
and dream that a miracle will happen again!
When I get started with my post-doctorate research
I could hardly hope to get a fellowship for at most a year.
Now the new politics for post-doctorate studies is exactly
what I yearned for. Once can have a fellowship for at least
three years!!! To go abroad for stage during a year without
discounting the three-years of post-doctorate research in
Brazil or abroad!!!!
Better if I am associated with an expert in computer science
I can have this fellowship for four years, with a grant for
buying equipment and money to go abroad in conferences
and so on without any further judgment by the researchers.
If I associate with researchers in Brazil I can stay in
post-doctorate research for seven years!!
The aim of this politics is to enhance research in a poor
country like Brazil!!!!

I will enter the new Millennium with a sensation that
the poor community of architecture  all over the world
and the low development
of computer science in Brazil will  hinder me to accomplish
my deepest dreams that is to save Mother Earth!!!
Meanwhile all the money of research in Brazil will be
spent in aids,  cloning, cancer and so on...I studied
Biophysics and for a long time I abandoned this
trend of research because I deemed this will never
create Paradise on Earth!

So I do want to know in this list who can help me?

I wish you all A Happy New Millennium!

Best wishes

> >Various distractions have kept me from getting the Carbon port onto
> >the Self Web site, even though it's been done for a while. And
> >lately, I have sped up the outliner update cycle and turned off
> >button flashing; the net effect is to make the Mac version much more
> >responsive.
> >
> >But getting especially the latter changes out will take time and take
> >me away from my research, so I would like to know how much interest
> >there is out there for these changes. In other words, how urgent is
> >the need for them? In other other words, how many of you would
> >actually use and benefit from these? If there are enough positive
> >replies, I should be inspired to get them out sooner.
> >
> >I have using Self to do my main programming and though it may be
> >immodest, I have to report that it is a blast. Particularly when
> >debugging, I feel much more productive.
> I use the Mac port of Self as often as it fits, which of course means
> really rapid prototyping of design ideas. It's particularly nice when
> I find that Squeak's class structure and in-flux architecture to get
> in my way, which is becoming more and more often (although I still
> use Squeak mainly). Having a more-responsive Self to use for
> prototyping and for demos would be of great use.
> Just my 2 cents' worth.
> ~

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