[self-interest] a query

Brian Rice water at tscnet.com
Thu Dec 28 00:54:33 UTC 2000

>Dear Self-ers,
>Various distractions have kept me from getting the Carbon port onto
>the Self Web site, even though it's been done for a while. And
>lately, I have sped up the outliner update cycle and turned off
>button flashing; the net effect is to make the Mac version much more
>But getting especially the latter changes out will take time and take
>me away from my research, so I would like to know how much interest
>there is out there for these changes. In other words, how urgent is
>the need for them? In other other words, how many of you would
>actually use and benefit from these? If there are enough positive
>replies, I should be inspired to get them out sooner.
>I have using Self to do my main programming and though it may be
>immodest, I have to report that it is a blast. Particularly when
>debugging, I feel much more productive.

I use the Mac port of Self as often as it fits, which of course means 
really rapid prototyping of design ideas. It's particularly nice when 
I find that Squeak's class structure and in-flux architecture to get 
in my way, which is becoming more and more often (although I still 
use Squeak mainly). Having a more-responsive Self to use for 
prototyping and for demos would be of great use.

Just my 2 cents' worth.

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