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Stefan Matthias Aust sma at kiel.netsurf.de
Sun Feb 14 09:39:47 UTC 1999


A month ago, Jeccel mentioned a Self 1.0 system for ObjectWorks Smalltalk
called Ultimardrev.  I did a crude port to VisualWorks 3.0.  Now as it can
at least successfully file-in all Self files provided, I consider my job
done.  It still has errors, but I'm afraid the French source code comments
keep me from continuing this project.  Please email me if YOU want to
continue this.

Currently, I've an ENVY version but I can provide a non-envy source file if
needed.  You can file-in the stuff without modification of the base image.
However, it makes a subtle change to the semantics of the parser, allowing
selectors with embedded dots.  Be aware of that.  Currently, you can't
cleanly remove the mess as it added literally dozens of global variables
and also uses self modifying code. There's one unreferenced global called PT.

I replaced the screen and view classes and all tools with a new
SelfWorkspace called workspace-like application based on the usual VW
ApplicationModel (though I tried to preserve the funny cursors and the
background pattern).  It has all the buttons of the former SelfView but I'm
sure they don't work correctly yet.  I've no idea about the tracing

I mde two modifications to the *.slf files.  If caching is activated, the
file-in fails in 'ascii.slf'.  Therefore, I commended out "_HighSpeed" in
all.slf.  Furthermore, float.slf contains the constant "1e100" which too
big for VW.  I changed this to 1e38.

If you want to try out the source, file-in everything, evaluate

SelfObject selfKernel.
SelfWorkspace open

and then evaluate

_SourceDir: 'ult\\'.
'all' _RunScript

in the Self workspace (if you unzipped the *.slf files to a different
location that the current directory, use a different file name here) and be

Then try to print

3 + 4


Stefan Matthias Aust  //  Don't talk.  Just doIt.

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