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Gordon Cichon Gordon at Cichon.de
Mon Feb 22 18:31:19 UTC 1999

Jose Baltasar Garcia Perez-Schofield -Lenguajes y Sistemas Informaticos-
>         I'm having trouble installing Self for Linux by Gordon Cichon.
>         First of all, it is mandatory to install on your /home directory ?
>         Once I made the variables, and type make on ../bin subdirectory, the
> Makefile ONLY says:"Locks overcomed" (or similar), and, as you can imagine,
> the next step doesn't work.
>         Is anybody there that could help me ?


Frist, No, it is not mandatory in install the stuff inside the home

Next, I could not find the place where your error message has been
created. Generally, locking files with Linux is sonewhat troublesome.
The Linux nfs implementation does not support real locks before kernel

The first thing you could try is to find and remove all lock
files that are laying around. (Something like
-------- >8 -------- cut here -------- >8 --------
find $SELF_WORKING_DIR -name "_[a-z]*.lock" -exec rm {} \;
-------- >8 -------- cut here -------- >8 --------
, be shure to set SELF_WORKING_DIR before!).

If that does not help, you may try to disable the locking
mechanism alltogether. You have to put a script into
your search path:
-------- >8 -------- cut here -------- >8 --------
# !/bin/sh

eval "$2"
-------- >8 -------- cut here -------- >8 --------
Put this in a file named `lock_run' on your path 
f.e. in $SELF_WORKING_DIR/bin/linux/, and do a 
`chmod +x lock_run' on it.

To find the real reason, it would be helpful to know,
1) kernel version, and
2) file system type (ext2, nfs, samba)


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