[self-interest] Re: Ultimardrev

Jecel Assumpcao Jr jecel at lsi.usp.br
Mon Feb 15 16:21:08 UTC 1999

Great job! Too bad I don't have time to finish it. If you want to
make it available, I could place it in the same directory as the
original Ultimardrev. The non-Envy version would probably be better
for most people.

While Self has grown a lot since the 1.0 days, there was a lot
of complexity there that no longer exists (parent priorities,
privacy, inner methods and "tie breaker" rules). Anyway, I hope
it was worthwhile as a learning experience and it is fun to be
able to type "3 + 4" and get the answer ;-)

On a related note, I have tried to download Gordon's Linux port
about a dozen times but never got more than 2MB before the
conection was broken. That is why I haven't made any comments about

-- Jecel

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