[self-interest] Re: Minimum Requirements for Self on Mac

vincent.coetzee at rmb.co.za vincent.coetzee at rmb.co.za
Fri Dec 24 05:52:30 UTC 1999


I have been following this discussion on Self performance on the Mac with some
interest. I also first found the performance on my G3 somewhat slow (400MHz G3,
256MB RAM), but that was after having used Self on a 400MHZ UltraSPARC, with
~512MB of RAM. Perhaps people are comparing the two. I do find that the graphics
performance (ie dragging Morphs around) somewhat more sluggish than on the
SPARC, but considering what Self is doing just to give that sort of performance
in Morphic makes it clear that Self is not slow. To put things into perspective,
try running Morphic in a commercial type Smalltalk, and see what that
performance is like (baaad). I have to admit though that Squeak, is not sluggish
on a 400MHz Mac.


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