[self-interest] Re: Minimum Requirements for Self on Mac

David Ungar David.Ungar at Eng.Sun.COM
Mon Dec 27 23:59:56 UTC 1999

Yes, it makes sense that hz for hz, the SPARC Self system outperforms the Mac:
it has optimizing compiler.

To minimize morph sluggishness, try to limit the number of open 
outliners you keep around
on your screen. When you drag a morph across an outliner in the background,
the background morph does a lot of work to repaint-no bits are cached.
I heard a rumor that the Squeak morphic system does do the bitmap caching.
Self's does not because Randy wanted to be able to have animated 
morphs in the background.

- Dave

At 7:52 AM +0200 12/24/99, vincent.coetzee at rmb.co.za wrote:
>I have been following this discussion on Self performance on the Mac with some
>interest. I also first found the performance on my G3 somewhat slow 
>(400MHz G3,
>256MB RAM), but that was after having used Self on a 400MHZ UltraSPARC, with
>~512MB of RAM. Perhaps people are comparing the two. I do find that 
>the graphics
>performance (ie dragging Morphs around) somewhat more sluggish than on the
>SPARC, but considering what Self is doing just to give that sort of 
>in Morphic makes it clear that Self is not slow. To put things into 
>try running Morphic in a commercial type Smalltalk, and see what that
>performance is like (baaad). I have to admit though that Squeak, is 
>not sluggish
>on a 400MHz Mac.
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