Useful functionality

Tobermory Everett teverett at
Thu Apr 11 21:52:02 UTC 1996

I just had an idea for making Self a hair more friendly.  If I get the
chance, I'll try to implement it, but perhaps a few Self gods can whip it up
in short order.  Wouldn't it be nice if the "Dismiss" menu item checked for
the existence of a boolean slot "DismissWithoutWarning".  If the slot were
missing or true, Dismiss would behave as normal.  If it were present and
false, then interactive dismissals (using the Dismiss menu item) would first
pass through a "Are you sure you want to do this" dialog box.  Since the
slot could be inherited, it would provide a very easy and simple way to
provide flexible protection from accidental right mouse button clicks.
Because it would interact on the menu item level, not the code level, it
shouldn't affect programming.  What do people think?

Also, does anyone else find it obnoxious that if one forgets to retract all
pointers before dismissing an Outliner object, the pointers are missing the
next time it gets opened?

--Toby Everett

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