Using mirrors

Randy Smith Randall.Smith at Eng.Sun.COM
Thu Apr 11 16:29:16 UTC 1996

> I've been playing around with mirrors for a little while now and I've got a
> quick question.  Is there anyway to extract the category hierarchy easily
> besides running through all the slots and pieceing the information together
> that way?  I've tried poking through the outliner code and I can't seem to
> find the part where it creates the initial hierarchy.
> --Toby Everett

Toby --

I think the answer is no. Look in traits slotsOutliner, there is a
method called "categories" in the "category iterating" category.  You
can see ther that the outliner just uses an iteration over all slots.
As near as I can tell this method is at the center of haw the outliner
determines categories. 

Good luck,


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