Safe delete code now available

Tobermory Everett teverett at
Sun Apr 14 19:36:18 UTC 1996

I was getting frustrated with accidentally deleting objects, so I decided it
would be a good thing(tm) for me to implement my last proposal.  It ended up
being very easy (I'm getting much better at Self, and it's so much easier to
use now that I finagled access onto an UltraSparc 167:).

It works perfectly, to add a dismiss warning to an object, all I have to do
is add a slot "deleteWithoutWarning = false".  Unfortunately, I have no way
to share this work because I can't seem to figure out how to get a module to
include a complex morph.  Any hints?  All the code comes across fine, but
the actual morph I use for the dialog box doesn't (I can't userQuery because
of some locking problem).

--Toby Everett

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