Selfish pragmatics

Urs Hoelzle urs at
Mon Mar 25 17:14:12 UTC 1991

> Just out of interest (actually so I can satisfy a supervisor) when is
> the next Self source release (and the VM source release) expected ?
> (Assuming you're all not going to work on SWIM, Self With Integral
> Multimethods :-). What new things are likely to be in the next release -
> in particular, programming primitives callable from Self programs, 
> and possibly an exteneded _Perform primitive Craig mentioned to me in
> email discussions before Christmas last year? 

Our current system has "programming" and debugging, i.e. you can look
at the activations on the stack and single-step a process.  However,
the UI part of this isn't there yet, and the docs haven't been updated
either.  So it will probably take a while until the next formal release.
The VM source should be part of that (assuming that Stanford's OTL
lawyers agree with our plans), but be warned that it will be without
much documentation.


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