Undocumented Primitives

Laurent Thomas thomas at loria.crin.fr
Mon Mar 25 17:54:40 UTC 1991

While reading the unix.self sources, i saw a _Fcntl: primitive in the 
private setNonBlocking method. This primitive is not documented. Are there other undocumented primitives in the current implementation of Self ? I'm
particularly interested in communication primitives. What about a _Send: or a _Recv: primitive subsuming the _WriteFrom:Offset:Count: and 
ReadInto:Offset:Count: ones ? 
In fact, i'm looking for a distributed Self implementation, that is many Self interpreters running concurrently and communicationg through the Internet network ! The only primitive concerning such a beast is 
TCPConnectToHost:Port:, which is relatively poor. Will the next release provide more functionnalities to deal with concurrency and/or 
distribution ?


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