Virtual timer expired

Craig Chambers craig
Fri Nov 16 00:40:53 UTC 1990

When we use Self, we usually start up gnuemacs first, and run Self in a *shell* 
subwindow.  I don't know anything about the virtual timer problem, but I'll
try to look into it.

To build a browser from within Self, we've provided a _CBreak: primitive to
read the keyboard from within Self and an _Eval primitive to evaluate Self
expressions.  You should be able to get around the current problems with 
_Eval'ing or directly executing programming primitives by defining a 
postProgrammingAction slot in the root to be executed after a programming
primitive.  This action could restart your user interface/browser from state
saved before the programming primitive was executed.  Crude, I know, but at
least it should be possible to build an environment.

-- Craig Chambers

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