Roland McGrath roland at
Sat Nov 24 21:00:32 UTC 1990

Why do you not make the source to the SELF system available, and why do you
place restrictions on the use of the binaries you distribute?


We put in a lot of time to "clean up & document" the Self system as distributed.
We have been reluctant to put in another chuck of time like that 
on the heels of the first effort, and this is what would be required
to get the source code in shape.
But, lately, several people have asked for the source and expressed a
willingness to cope with its "research software" condition.
However, the source code is for the current version of Self, which
has more features (and is less stable) than the distributed version.
We are seriously thinking about (i.e. this should happen but I don't want
to promise yet) updating our docs and releasing the current system, 
AND making the source code available, too.

I am compiling a list of folks who want the source code and would
be interested in adding you to it. Please tell me who you are,
what your organisation is (if any), what you want to do with it,
and how willing you would be to deal with 50,000 lines of
poorly documented C++ code.



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