Virtual timer expired

Urs Hoelzle urs
Fri Nov 16 00:39:02 UTC 1990

> I have just started using SELF 1.0 and have run into a problem with the
> unixCommand primitive.  I have been using the SELF expression:
> 	 'emacs' unixCommand
> to edit script files.  The problem is that some time later, the message:
> 	 Virtual timer expired
> (usually followed by a number) appears on the screen and control is
> returned to SELF (ie. emacs is aborted).

This is indeed a bug; I would suggest that you stop Self with ^Z, then use
Emacs, then go back to Self; not too elegant but it works.

> I have looked into getting access to the keyboard by reading '/dev/console'
> and it looks promising.  All you have to do is call the unix command:
> 	 stty raw -icanon -echo
> before reading keys.

An easier way is to use the _CBreak: primitive (p. I-43 of the manual)
which achieves the same effect (and handles ^Z).

Hope that helps,


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