[self-interest] Who is Self?

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Fri Jun 8 11:53:22 UTC 2018

The keys and candle are lying around for anyone to pick up - that’s the Open Source Way (TM)
As far as I know David does some work on Self, I play around with it - when time permits :(
Other people have popped up every now and again.
It’s not trying because it’s just fun. 
My day job isn’t at all related to this so I’m not at all burdened with a sense of obligation when I approach Self.
I have a *very* long list of things I’d like to do with computing and there is something in Self not yet quite copied elsewhere. On the other hand, Self (as an actually existing artefact) has a bunch of obvious issues:

- limited core libraries
- highly complicated C++ vm
- ageing integration with host OSes

A combination of these with my own limitations in time and focus mean that progress is slow!

> On 2 Jun 2018, at 1:13 pm, itsnotgregg at gmail.com [self-interest] <self-interest at yahoogroups.com> wrote:
> Forgive me if this is written down somewhere. I have enjoyed both of the movies featuring David and Richard and in the second one David mentions you (Russell). Are they still working on Self? I get the idea that Russell has been handed the keys and a candle to move Self forward through the darkness. Is this case? Are there other regulars on the team? How is it that you have come to shoulder this awesome responsibility? Is it trying? What's your day job? As we say in the States  "Inquiring minds want to know."

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