[self-interest] Re: Improvement proposals

Bystroushaak bystrousak at kitakitsune.org
Mon Jun 20 08:56:57 UTC 2016

Dne 20.6.2016 v 10:44 Bernat Romagosa tibabenfortlapalanca at gmail.com 
[self-interest] napsal(a):
> For what it's worth, I'm European and I think twerking and Self don't go
> together well either. Thankfully, anti-patriarchalism is not a North
> American trait. Unfortunately, it seems to not be a trait the tech world
> shares at all.

I've clearly violated some kind of unwritten rules, but I don't think 
that it is bad to actually say, that it would be nice to write them, so 
this will not happen to people, that have no idea that there are such 
rules and feels and what not.

> Other languages may be more welcoming to the "Wolf of Wall Street" way
> of thinking, but Self comes from a different tradition where "haha
> twerking" and "lol whores" are not exactly the norm. Can you imagine a
> blog about some niche physics school of thought posting Reddit memes?

Yes, I definitely can.

> And then people from "cool tech businesses" wonder why there are no
> women in their misogynist paradise...

There were no women decades before I even got here, so please, just stop 
blaming me.

> I can't believe we're having to have this discussion.

And we will, more and more, with the spread of the Self. This is exactly 
what I was talking about in the blog - you have to make the context 
explicit, or people will violate it and act differently than you expect.

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