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Bystroushaak bystrousak at kitakitsune.org
Sun Jul 24 12:55:25 UTC 2016

Dne 24.7.2016 v 07:22 David Ungar ungar at me.com [self-interest] napsal(a):

> Yes that would be nice. You might be aware that findSlot implements
> limited regular expressions. Do you have any interest in writing such
> a search tool? All the reflective facilities are there.

I may be, but can't say when I will get to do it. But I've put it to my
TODO list.

> Why do you think it is harder for a non-native English speaker to
> understand "k" than a native one?

I supposed that native speaker may do proper expansion of the abbreviation.

> Could you show us the method where the "k" argument was confusing? I
>  find that the method itself usually furnishes a nice short
> description.

trats string is full of one character long arguments, if I recall correctly.

> How long have you worked with Python? How long with Self? The trouble
> you are feeling with Self may well be the result of learning new ways
> to think. I also suspect your factor of 100 is an exaggeration. Have
> you timed yourself with a stopwatch?

Almost 10 years now. I will have to try to do some benchmarks.

> Thank you for the kind words. I am sorry you are frustrated. But it's
> different. You may find it easier to pick up Smalltalk first.

I did played with Pharo and did some small projects in it. I liked the
environment, but I had strong feeling, that the class based model is
wrong for image based systems.

> The Self project developed much of what become ubiquitous later,
> including the use of cartoon animation techniques for interfaces,
> mirrors for reflection, and adaptive optimization and deoptimization.
> It also came up with a prototype-based object model that heavily
> influenced NewtonScript, and somewhat influenced JavaScript. All this
> in about seven years and with 6 people, on computers with 16Mb of RAM
> that ran much more slowly than today. Since 1993, it has been largely
> unfunded. If you find rough edges, I hope you fix them! It is amazing
> to me that Russell and others do as much as they do.

I've read about the development and I don't mean to criticize it. Self
is amazing project. I just feel like there is still a space for
improvement in the user experience compartment.

> You might want to watch an experienced Self developer work sometime.
>  One can really fly! No need to edit-and-compile. Write your code in
>  the debugger. Move things around, arrange columns of yanked-out
> method outliners from here and there to keep all the things you need
>  to look at in one place. Fix a bug and restart where the bug hit.
> Shortcuts for implementers, senders, findSlot.

I think that this could be really interesting. I've seen this is
Smalltalk in several occasions and it was one of the motivations to
learn it.

> BTW, have you find the double-click shortcut for the triangles?

I did not. Thanks!

> And I can't resist this--thanks in advance for understanding-- "The
> fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, But in ourselves" --
> Shakespeare
> (You should have seen me learning a functional type system last
> year!)

Oh, definitely. Sometimes I wish I was so plastic and open-minded to new
things like when I was teenager.

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