[self-interest] Re: New build of Self snapshot: Self-4.5.prealpha-15Sep11 [1 Attachment]

tb at tcltalk.ath.cx tb at tcltalk.ath.cx
Sat Sep 17 12:28:48 UTC 2011

Russell Allen schrieb:
> Hi Thomas,
> Your snapshot works on Ubuntu 9.x and 10.x but breaks on 11.04.  
> Unfortunately, Ubuntu have removed may of the 'standard' fonts like
> Helvetica and Courier from the old core fonts subsystem and have moved
> them into the Xft font subsystem which our VM doesn't use.  
Helvetica, Times and Courier are Type1 fonts from Adobe and they come
with the debian package 'gsfonts-x11' which is needed for GhostScript.

> If you diff the results of running xlsfonts on your system with the
> attached file from 11.04 you will see how much is missing.
Done that.

4168 fonts are missing in Your list ;) - I wrote before that I have tons
of free TrueType fonts installed.


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