[self-interest] Self code at Bluish Coder

Duke Normandin dukeofperl at ml1.net
Thu Feb 10 00:17:41 UTC 2011

On Thu, 10 Feb 2011, Chris Double wrote:

> On Thu, Feb 10, 2011 at 11:52 AM, Duke Normandin <dukeofperl at ml1.net> wrote:
> > Shows Self code that appear to be written "long-hand", like with
> > emacs. is writing Self code that way - outside the GUI environment -
> > possible?
> It's possible to write Self code like this and it's how I originally
> started using Self to learn the language (vs learning the
> environment). You can even run Self without the GUI (for use on a
> server for example).

Great! I've been leaning that way - does away with having to learn 2
things at once. I ran into that with the Native Oberon OS and Oberon

> > Advisable? Not recommended? I suppose that one would have
> > had to have committed to memory, all the built-in prototypes,
> > etc. Just curious ...
> You can use the GUI and enter the raw Self code in an evaluator and
> get the best of both worlds. Even editing files in emacs with Self
> code and using _RunScript or 'bootstream read: From:' to load the
> files.

Cool! What is _Runscript? You don't know where I could scoop a small
Self app written "long-hand" to try that out, do you? Is there a Self
code repository somewhere?

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