persistent objects (was: goals)

Jecel Assumpcao Jr. jecel at
Tue Dec 13 18:07:27 UTC 2011


> > But you don't need a snapshot to work from Self. You can build worlds easily
> > from the Github source tree, and can edit your programs easily in your favourite
> > text editor, if you want.
> 	... but as far as I understand, you cannot launch, say, a Self Browser which is not
> inside a snapshot. And you cannot save the state of an application for future
> executions without a snapshot, which plays the role of the persistent store.

I have never tried to use the Transporter to save activations and blocks
to some file, so you might be right. I know that saving a complex Morph
to a file and then reloading it can get tricky. But at least in theory
there is no reason why these things couldn't be done.

On the other hand, saving objects to a single database file could be a
reasonable option if that is what you want to do. The Transporter code
might be a good starting point. The main complication is converting
binary references (pointers) to text.

-- Jecel

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