[self-interest] persistent objects (was: goals)

Russell Allen mail at russell-allen.com
Wed Dec 14 06:45:29 UTC 2011


On 14.12.2011 05:07, Baltasar wrote: 

>> > But you don't need a
snapshot to work from Self. You can build worlds easily
> > > from the
Github source tree, and can edit your programs easily in your
> > > text editor, if you want.
> > 
> > ... but as far as I
understand, you cannot launch, say, a Self Browser which is not
> >
inside a snapshot. And you cannot save the state of an application for
> > executions without a snapshot, which plays the role of the
persistent store.

Sure you can!  
Build your world from the source tree
'worldBuilder.self' _RunScript 
start morphic with: 
and open your outliner with: 
desktop worlds first addMorph:
(selfObjectModel newOutlinerFor: (reflect: 'Hello, World!') InWorld:
desktop worlds first) 
No snapshots required. 
As for saving state, just
do it the same way you would in Java, Python, Ruby etc etc. Create a
file and dump your important state into it in whatever format you feel
:) Russell 

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