[self-interest] dynamic deoptimization (was: ARM?)

Thorsten Dittmar thormar at me.com
Mon Dec 12 08:58:59 UTC 2011


so what are my requirements… of course only my personal view:

I'm not interested in:
- bringing self on another platform as it is. for me that makes not sense. I'm working on a mac and I can not see any real benefit to have it on a tablet or so. Yes, would be cool, but I don't care of something is cool or not.
- I'm not interested in spreading Self to a large community right now. What should be the benefit? Too many cooks spoil the broth. So it is much more important to get the right people involved, not as much as we can. From my point of view, an ARM implementation would involve a lot of this shallow mobile nerds. I'm currently working in the mobile business and I most of the stuff is not really durable. Yes, of course, it would be nice to know, how a self implementation would look like in a tiny environment or even on a embedded system, but I guess this is not really the natural environment for self.

I'm interested in general , to get self more selfish. If we would be able to manifest the principles of self even more accurate and more evident, that would be something great. For that reason I thought that the Klein VM would be one of the right steps. Of course, a lot of other and smaller things would be a step forward as well, e.g.:
	- cleaning up the image and update the documentation
	- reactivate and improve guru
	- carefully add some new things
		- streams
		- exception handling
		- etc.

I know that self is trying to make objects something real, that they behave like something in a real world. Dave, I guess you called it the disney style or so. That is something I really like, with one exception. There is one thing in the virtual world, what I really mis from time to time in the real world. [cmd]-z. self has currently no versioning or something similar. So something like the Apples TimeMachine would be really nice as well.

Any how… back to the VM…

I would support two things regarding to the VM

1. if needed and helpful, cleaning up and simplify the current VM and the building process
2. if we will find the right people and enough money, reactivating Klein and bring it to the next level
3. I'm very skeptical, but if more wise people say, that it makes sense to adapt one of the other VM implementations (mentioned in earlier mails), this would be an option as well

best regards


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