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Hi Chris,


When I'm on my Mac I can scroll left/right up/down by using two fingers on
the trackpad which is very handy.  It was only after I worked out to do this
that the general lack of scroll bars started to make sense. It seems that
scrolling is a very important part of Morphic and needs to be as simple as


On Linux under VMWare I can do that for up/down but left/right doesn't work
at the moment.  I think this should also work if you have a middle scroll
wheel mouse.


What I'd love would be something like Expose - I'd press a key and get a
fullscreen radar morph which I could click on to instantly jump to the place
I wanted.


It's unfortunate that Self probably won't ever be on an iPad, but hopefully
some other touchpad will come out that we can run it on.







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I like the way Self worlds work with the 'infinite size' approach, and 
using radar morphs, etc to get a birds eye view and scroll around. I do 
find it a bit difficult to quickly scroll the world in some direction to 
get a bit of extra space though.

I decided to try some things out and lately I've been using a small 
change to scroll the world by dragging with the right mouse button. I 
have a patch to do it here:


It is also in my github repository in the 'scroll-world' branch:


With this patch applied you can right click and drag the world 
background to move around. I chose right click since left click is 
already taken with selection of morphs.

This model of scrolling would also work quite well on a touchscreen 
based device. Adding kinetic scrolling would be interesting for 
'flicking' the desktop around.

Is there functionality that does something like this already in the Self 
system? Does anyone have their own 'hacks' for moving around the world?


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