Self Website -

Russell Allen mail at
Sun Jan 25 06:50:17 UTC 2009

Dear all,

As part of an effort to get Self moving again and as a precursor to a 
new release, we now have a new official Self website at:

This site will hopefully be the focal point of Self related information. 
  I will be changing the links to where I am able 
(ie in Wikipedia etc).

I would be greatful if you could all:

- link to this site when talking about Self on blogs etc.  Self does not 
have the most 'google-able' name so this would help people find Self and 
Self related materials.

- send me any relevant links or information to add to the site.

A technical note: is built from the Git repository at using the Sphinx 
documentation system recently developed to handle the documentation 
needs of Python.  If you have suggested changes, please either email 
them to me or alternatively fork a copy of the repository on GitHub, 
make your changes and I can then pull them into the main repo.



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