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Adam Spitz adam.spitz at
Mon Jan 26 00:34:51 UTC 2009

Russell, thanks for doing all of this stuff! It's about time we had our own domain name. :)

I've set up the old website ( to redirect to the new one.

Does anybody in the community have strong feelings about CVS versus Git, or SourceForge 
versus GitHub? Would GitHub be a better place to host the "official" Self source-code 


--- In self-interest at, Russell Allen <mail at ...> wrote:
> Dear all,
> As part of an effort to get Self moving again and as a precursor to a 
> new release, we now have a new official Self website at:
> This site will hopefully be the focal point of Self related information. 
>   I will be changing the links to where I am able 
> (ie in Wikipedia etc).
> I would be greatful if you could all:
> - link to this site when talking about Self on blogs etc.  Self does not 
> have the most 'google-able' name so this would help people find Self and 
> Self related materials.
> - send me any relevant links or information to add to the site.
> A technical note: is built from the Git repository at 
> using the Sphinx 
> documentation system recently developed to handle the documentation 
> needs of Python.  If you have suggested changes, please either email 
> them to me or alternatively fork a copy of the repository on GitHub, 
> make your changes and I can then pull them into the main repo.
> Best,
> Russell

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