[self-interest] Some questions about Self (Transcript, Modules, Browsing Subobjects, Debugging, defaultBehavior)

Stefan Hanenberg stefan.hanenberg at icb.uni-due.de
Fri Dec 4 10:53:06 UTC 2009

Russell Allen schrieb:

> I'm not sure offhand what the 'transcript' object is supposed to be doing*.
>  It's not the equivalent of a Smalltalk80 Transcript though. Self usually
> uses stdout instead of a separate 'transcript'.  It is normally a live
> file, so you can do 
> stdout write: 'Hello'
> for example, which should do what you expect it to.  The messages 'print'
> and 'printLine' print by default to stdout.
> * I did some searching. 'Transcript' is part of ui1 (ie the ui before
> morphic). Hmm. UI1 is great fun, but probably should be moved to a separate
> download rather than putting it in the Clean snapshot. 

Ok, thanks.

I agree that it is a great think to let Self write on the stdout, but I 
prefer to have something such as a transcript that I can see directly in 
my self window. I think this a good small project for me to get more 
into self ;-)


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