Modules (Re: [self-interest] Some questions about Self (Transcript, Modules, Browsing Subobjects, Debugging, defaultBehavior))

Stefan Hanenberg stefan.hanenberg at
Fri Dec 4 11:00:06 UTC 2009

Russell Allen schrieb:
>> 2. Modules
>> Is there an easy way to see what elements are in a module? For examples,
> I
>> added a module "shChanges" which I open via "modules shChanges". Can I
> see
>> somehow what objects exist in this module?
> Modules are sets of slots with information on where those slots are placed
> in relation to the lobby.
> If you open an outliner on "modules shChanges", you will see that it has a
> parent "modules init parent"; opening an outliner on that will let you see
> what messages modules understand. "slotsInMeAndAllSubparts" might be good
> place to start.
> This might be a little low level for what you are looking for, though.

I found it, thanks. To be honest...yes, slightly low-level, but maybe a 
small gui will do it here (I think it is similar to you comment on 
"outliners and lists": a better list outliner would maybe already do the 

- Stefan

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