[self-interest] Our two weapons are fear and surprise...and..

Niko Schwarz niko.schwarz at googlemail.com
Wed Aug 5 21:25:58 UTC 2009

Hi Michael,

On 05.08.2009, at 23:13, Michael Latta wrote:

>   With image
> based programming there is also the ease of access to the objects and
> internals that far exceeds most memory based programming
> environments.  But, again mostly those benefit the experienced user.

Now, are you sure that is the case? Because from my tries of teaching  
people smalltalk, I recall that blocks and the fact that you could  
look up the definition of ifTrue: did not help. But what did help was  
the ability to test an whose class we had just defined in a workspace.  
And then we tried out the inspector of an object, and after some  
confusion, I believe that was helpful, too (although the workspace  
might have been better).



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