[self-interest] Digest Number 515

Niko Schwarz niko.schwarz at gmx.net
Mon Dec 11 10:57:31 UTC 2006

Am 03.12.2006 um 15:57 schrieb self-interest at yahoogroups.com:

> Self VM fatal error (/Users/nikoschwarz/self/vm/mac_osx/
> vm_project/../../src/any/lookup/sendDesc.cpp, line 457):
> first_sendDesc() has wrong lookup type

Aight, it's running now and correctly appears to be computing  
fibonacci numbers. Fellas! It doesn't work with xcode 2.4, but with  
2.2.1 it does! You can get it from ADC. God knows what the problem  
is, they both use gcc-4.0.1 and I think even the same gas - 2.2.1  
uses gas 1.38. I'm thinking about whether to bother to find the exact  
difference or just live happily with 2.2.1.


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