Trying to compile the VM on mac osx 10.4

Niko Schwarz at
Sat Dec 2 15:45:17 UTC 2006


I've tried before successlessly to compile the Self VM. Now I  
completely reinstalled MacOS, it's a fresh 10.4.7 and a fresh xcode,  
everything installed is either from the installation CD or from Self.  
Aless, the error message hasn't changed, it's exactly this:

Self VM fatal error (/Users/nikoschwarz/self/vm/mac_osx/ 
vm_project/../../src/any/lookup/sendDesc.cpp, line 457):  
first_sendDesc() has wrong lookup type

The debugger shows more closely what's going wrong, it's this piece  
of code (sendDesc.cpp:446):

// Test the size of the assembler generated sendDesc in
// EnterSelf (<machine>.runtime.s). Lars July 92
void sendDesc::init() {
     if (true) return; // just testing asm
   # endif
   sendDesc* f = sendDesc::first_sendDesc();
   // cannot do this test on sparc, it has a register-call which does  
not read as a call
   // if (!isCall((int32*)f->jump_addr_addr()))
   //  fatal("first_sendDesc() does not have a call");
   if (f->raw_lookupType() != StaticNormalLookupType)
     fatal("first_sendDesc() has wrong lookup type");

it's the last line that creates the error, and of course you wouldn't  
call this a bug, you'd rather want to make sure that first_sendDesc()  
behaves like it should.

Unfortunately I have no idea why it misbehaves and I'm clueless how  
to find out. I'd be grateful for advice.

Niko Schwarz
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