[BUG] Self 4.1.6 fails to start on OS X 10.2.1

michael_abd_el_malek michael.abd-el-malek at sun.com
Wed Oct 9 22:18:05 UTC 2002

Hi Brian,

I haven't been able to reproduce your problem.  I have tried the Self
release on various machines and they all work fine.

The undefined references all belong to the ncurses library.  The
"otool" utility shows that the Self app is dynamically linked to
/usr/lib/libncurses.5.dylib.  Can you confirm that your system has the
/usr/lib/libncurses.5.dylib library?  It is standard with Mac OS X.

Also, are you sure you're using the Self 4.1.6 binary?  Make sure that
your SELF_WORKING_DIR points to the Self 4.1.6 release, not to an old
Self 4.1.5 binary.

Good luck

--- In self-interest at y..., Brian T Rice <water at t...> wrote:
> First of all, I definitely appreciate the work on PICs for the
PowerPC. On
> downloading and trying to work with the new version of Self,
however, the
> SelfDroplet produces the following strange output and fails:
> water:localhost@~> cd "${SELF_WORKING_DIR}"/objects;
> ../vm/mac_osx/vm_project/build/Self.app/Contents/MacOS/Self -s
> "/Users/water/Self/objects/BareBones.snap"
> dyld: ../vm/mac_osx/vm_project/build/Self.app/Contents/MacOS/Self
> Undefined symbols:
> ../vm/mac_osx/vm_project/build/Self.app/Contents/MacOS/Self undefined
> reference to _tgetent expected to be defined in
> [ ... ]
> Trace/BPT trap
> water:localhost at Dev/Self/objects>
> ...
> Can someone reproduce this? The library definitely exists on my system.
> Perhaps it's supposed to be using a debugging or profiling library.
> Thanks,
> ~

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