[self-interest] applications

Jecel Assumpcao Jr jecel at merlintec.com
Wed Jun 5 19:15:14 UTC 2002

On Wednesday 05 June 2002 05:47, Arjen van Elteren wrote:
> It's not really about the webbrowser. It's more a
> question of examples of how one could program with
> self. I've read somewhere that the browser used a very
> object-oriented instead of class-oriented way. Morphic
> on the other hands looks to be much more
> class-oriented.

It is certainly written in a different style in that everything is 
bundled up in a single object (an oddball called "webBrowser") in 
globals. This acts as a separate namespace for everything in the 
application (nothing in "traits" and other places).

Everything I have written has also been in this style instead of what 
the papers, the tutorial and most of the older Self code is like. I am 
not sure that it is less class-like than the rest though at least there 
are no copyDown slots like in Morphic.

> Also, OSX is just bsd unix with a different UI so
> maybe the webbrowser works again?

Just a guess, but the problem was likely to have been with the 
networking code. As you said, the Solaris socket stuff probably 
compiles unchanged in OS X.

> Thx I'll look at it. Does this snapshot work with
> 4.1.5 ?

I have just tested it and it seems to be working. The first thing I 
tried (inspectIt on "3+4") didn't work because object "7" doesn't 
understand "class". I tested it in Self 4.0 and it was already like 
that, so this isn't a case of bit rot...

-- Jecel

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