[self-interest] applications (was: newbie question)

Arjen van Elteren arjenve at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 5 09:47:53 UTC 2002

> The web browser was available in the Demo snapshot
> in early 4.1 
> releases but with a warning that neither it nor the
> screen sharing 
> feature worked on the Mac. I didn't notice that it
> had been dropped, 
> but the recent focus has been on the Mac so I am not
> surprized. Also 
> note that the web browser was created in 1995 and
> can't handle tables, 
> backgrounds, frames and other things that are
> important (unfortunately, 
> in my opinion) in most of today's pages.
It's not really about the webbrowser. It's more a
question of examples of how one could program with
self. I've read somewhere that the browser used a very
object-oriented instead of class-oriented way. Morphic
on the other hands looks to be much more

Also, OSX is just bsd unix with a different UI so
maybe the webbrowser works again?

> The only other thing that is no longer available (I
> think) is the 
> Smalltalk emulator. I have made a 4.1 snapshot
> derived from 
> BareBones.snap and including Smalltalk available as
> (5.8MB):
>    http://www.merlintec.com/download/Smalltalk.snap
Thx I'll look at it. Does this snapshot work with
4.1.5 ?


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