[self-interest] Smalltalk implementation in Self

Jonas Bosson jonas at illuminet.se
Mon Sep 17 14:42:11 UTC 2001

Jecel Assumpcao Jr wrote:

>I didn't understand the part about "loadable packages". Dave Ungar's 
>transporter can let you save and load text and binary "modules". And 
>the access to external C++ libraries is very reasonable.
Jecel, you are probably right, its just that I had no concept on how to 
say, a web server, using versioning and packages as I would in my "regular"

The Self desktop is just great but a bit cut off from the "normal" 
and file "class" system approach. Though I can see the obvious reason for
keeping the Self GUI in one desktop (nice drag and drop features!), I 
would like
to have something more (don't we all) than just evalutation terminals and
windowing so selfishly. ;-)

Sorry, I dont know, am I making sence here? I dont know if it has to do 
beeing without classes or beeing without a structured overviews in a 
framework for
code management.

Perhaps, if it is possible, could one create a filesystem (mounting) 
named instances in a running Self VM server so that editing files became 
with the operatingsystem and all tools like emacs that so many of us 
like to use?
(That would make Self a real competitor with Java, I guess.)

best regards,
Jonas Bosson


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