[self-interest] programming and knowledge representation

thilo.s at web.de thilo.s at web.de
Wed Jan 17 15:35:43 UTC 2001

Rafael Kaufmann wrote:
> I think that Brian Rice's Arrow project/idea develops on more or less
> the same view (although he likes to use bigger words). I don't know
> where the Arrow site is today, or whether he's still working on it (last
> I heard of him, he was working on the Slate language/object system), but
> it should be somewhere in the bespin.cx server.

Yes indeed - I found his thoughts on graphs in 4.3 of
The paper is very hard for me to understand. He definitely included much
more thoughts than I have till now.
I am not sure but Arrows seem to be the union of edges and nodes of a
'standard' DG, and elements of Arrows are embedded as Nodes in another
graph, right ? The class in Category theory was a horror for me so I
definitly can not contribute too much in this field...

Thanks for the pointer, Rafael.


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