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FYI  (the second part :-) , sorry for the delay)
btw, Gordon Cichon also told me, that he can no longer send any mails to
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Guys, this sounds like a great accomplishment!!!

Congratulations and thanks!

- David

BTW--I cannot send mail to the self-interest group, and I am pretty
with yahoo's web site so feel free to forward this mail to the group.
Not only does yahoo want to collect personal info on me before they
will let me send
a message, but their stuff just doesn't seem to work for me, even
when I answer their questions.
(This is just my personal opinion, of course.)

Here is the latest message I have tried (unsuccessfully, so far) to send
(feel free to relay this one, too.)

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I use both Suns and Macs. I have a brand-new 667Mhz Powerbook.
The experience is definitely better on a Sun--very snappy on a 400Mhz
(Remember, the optimizing compiler is only on SPARC.)
But I find it usable on the Mac...more like the early days of Self.
And my Mac is very useful for all sorts of things.
My bottom line: if you want a machine just for Self and you will be doing a
of Selfing you could consider the Sun. Otherwise I would recommend the Mac.

Hope this helps.

The latest version of Self may not have gotten out on the Web.
If you do get a Mac, or if others need this, please bug me a bit so I will
the folks here at Sun to get this out to you.

(I use a version that runs natively under OS X. It uses either
MacToolbox or X graphics for the display.)

- Dave

At 2:08 AM +0000 12/20/01, victor_yurkovsky wrote:
>I am finally breaking down and will get a self machine.  Is the mac
>version tolerable or should I just go the sun way?
>Can I use gnu tools to compile self sources or will I need to shell
>out big bucks to Sun for a developer kit?  (I am a bit peeved that
>they are selling memory for 10 times street price...)
>Any input welcome.  Thanks in advance.
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