[self-interest] FAQ and documentation

Jecel Assumpcao Jr jecel at merlintec.com
Sun Dec 23 23:33:08 UTC 2001

On Saturday 22 December 2001 11:07,  Victor Yurkovsky wrote:
> Is there a FAQ? I couldn't find one anyway.

I was going to refer you to the FAQ at Brown University (their 1995 
course CS196B) which was pretty good, but I see those pages are now 

> Just found the (very good) documentation for self under Self 4.0 at
> Sun - didn't think of looking there before.  Printing postscript from
> Windows is a real bitch too.

Most of the stuff in Postscript from 4.0 was released in PDF in 4.1. 
That is easier for most people.

> We must put a FAQ together as I think many curious people turn away
> from self before realising what it is and how important it is.  Look
> at Squeak for inspiration in terms of activity.

Your wish is my command: http://www.merlintec.com:8080/Self/FAQ

This is a Swiki (speaking of Squeak... ;-) so I just put in three quick 
lines to get things started. Everyone is encouraged to contribute. I 
hope that http://www.merlintec.com:8080/Self/ can become a good 
resource for the community.

> I think Self is the best thing I've seen since Smalltalk, and I
> surely would like to make it easy for others to get access to it and
> information about it.

There are still lots of links to self.stanford.edu out there, so it 
isn't easy for people to know where to look for Self.

-- Jecel

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