Fw: [Ann:] Self4Linux-0.2.0 alpha available

Harald Gliebe harald at gliebe.de
Thu Dec 20 15:36:46 UTC 2001

Hi everyone!

I'd like to announce the availability of an alpha version of Self for Linux
at http://www.gliebe.de/self/index.html
It consists of the port of the runtime system, the non-inlining compiler and
polymorphic inline caches to the x86 platform. It is based on Gordon
Cichon's port.
Please note that the current version is still alpha, but it allows you to
run the Self user interface (ui2) and to get an impression of Self if you
no Sparc or Mac.
It requires a lot more testing, so any feedback is welcome.

Have fun and merry Christmas,

Harald Gliebe

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