[self-interest] Buying self box...Sparc or Mac?

cramakrishnan at acm.org cramakrishnan at acm.org
Thu Dec 20 06:20:47 UTC 2001

"victor_yurkovsky" writes:
> I am finally breaking down and will get a self machine.  Is the mac 
> version tolerable or should I just go the sun way?  

The latest version of Self/Mac (as of August) is pretty snappy! I
don't know what Dave did, but it amounted to a huge improvement on my
machine (500 Mhz Pismo PowerBook) -- I've removed the jar of quaaludes
from my desk. ;)

> Can I use gnu tools to compile self sources or will I need to shell 
> out big bucks to Sun for a developer kit?  (I am a bit peeved that 
> they are selling memory for 10 times street price...)

On the Mac you'll need CodeWarrior.

- sekhar

C. Ramakrishnan        cramakrishnan at acm.org

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