[self-interest] Model View Controller and the Observer pattern

Thomas Kuehne kuehne at informatik.uni-kl.de
Mon Aug 27 07:13:41 UTC 2001


I think very highly of all of your postings but this time I have to disagree.

> Please note that the original creators of MVC are now using Morphic
> exclusively.

AFAIK, the original creator of MVC was Trygve Reenskaug and not the group involving Dan Ingalls and Alan Kay you are referring to.

Also, said Squeak group still maintains both MVC and Morphic.
Moreover, even if they exclusively went the Morphic direction that would just tells you that for their particular purposes the direct manipulation and stepping paradigm does the job.
It does not, however, imply that Morphic is the better choice in all circumstances.
In fact, the current Squeak way of supporting Morphic is badly in need of a polish, AFAIC.
It is way to slow for anything but the most minute toy examples.

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