[self-interest] Try this at home

Jecel Assumpcao Jr jecel at merlintec.com
Fri Sep 29 01:25:35 UTC 2000


> JSelf returned 'new string'. Probably it's a fault in their
> implementation.

That is a bit strange. I could imagine an error, as you suggested, but
totally ignoring the local slot doesn't make much sense.

> The behaviour is logical, but from the implementation point of view.
> From the user point of view if they set a slot to be readonly they expect
> it to
> actually be readonly (and to signal when this constrain is violated).

I would say that read-only slots are a convention plus an
implementation optimization. When you work graphically, it is a weak
convention. When you work textually, then it is a strong convention
since it is embedded in the very syntax of slot declaration.

> But since methods are indeed  read-only slots this allows easy
> read-filters to be made
> (instead of reimplementing the writing through a resend).
> The "catch readonly after" behaviour has a little advantage in the lookup
> implementation
> (at least in mine :-)

I didn't understand the part about read-filters. Could you give an

-- Jecel

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